Who are we?

We are Kinexus

At Kinexus we design and install systems of devices with audio/video, lighting, climate, shades, security systems, networking and other available options around the home and office.  We can integrate these devices through control systems, which vary depending on needs and will provide ease of use and automation of functions.  These include, but are not limited to, WFH (work from home) setups, home theaters, entertainment or living rooms, and full home automation systems.  From something that is simple like mounting a TV, to designing and installing a system as complex as automating your whole house, we are here to serve your desires and needs.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to use technology to create a smart, safe, and inviting space that will improve quality of life.  We will design and execute a plan that can control and interact with devices throughout the home and office, while on premise or remotely. Kinexus strives for unparalleled quality of services that will set the bar for high standards. We will design and build a system or series of systems that will accomplish the wants and needs of our clients.

Meet the team

Josiah Dye - Owner
Certified Technology Specialist

Joe has always had a passion for technology which began at a young age.  As he grew older, he began to learn the technical side of his passion.  While pursuing his career he has honed his experience in Networking, A/V, and Technology Integration.  Throughout his experience, Joe has obtained many certifications including: Avixa CTS, Biamp Vocia and Tesira, MEWP, and is SMART certified.

Anji Powers - Owner

Anji studied Business Administration in school, hoping to one day be an entrepreneur.  When Joe and Anji met, they knew starting a business was a journey they would pursue together.  Anji has gained multiple years of customer service experience in many different industries including retail, pharmaceuticals, utilities, and landscaping.